Get Involved

Mentorship, Tutoring, and Clubhouse to College or Career

Mentorship is an important component of what we do at the Tacoma Clubhouse. Our mentors interact with our members and are there for them as they make important decisions - whether it’s assistance on a project, identifying potential pathways to a career based on their interests, post high school plans, assistance with college applications, and so much more.

Please come talk to us about becoming a mentor today!

Alumni Network

Once members leave the Clubhouse they are eligible to join the International Clubhouse Alumni Network (ICAN) - a global family of Clubhouse Alumni, who as they move forward in life sustain relationships through ongoing opportunities and meaningful engagement with other clubhouse Alumni. Clubhouse Alumni help to increase awareness about The Clubhouse Network and their individual clubhouses while giving back to their communities.

If you’re an Alumni of the Tacoma Clubhouse we encourage you to join ICAN and we’d love to hear from you at the Clubhouse.